Water effects

We are offering the designing of decorative lakes, waterfalls and fountains.

Our specialists shall advise you – which water effects are most suitable for the relevant space, considering the nature of it as well as the effect you are searching. Even the minimal presence of water in the garden or park changes the vision and atmosphere at once.

Water effects - 001
Water effects - 002
Water effects - 003
Water effects - 004
Water effects - 005

Generally, the water elements are separated into two types:

Static elements – suitable for bigger, plain spaces. Crucial for the garden or park atmosphere is the accurate positioning of the static water elements reflecting the colors of the ambient plants, refract the sunlight and create odd reflections and shadows.

Dynamic elements – they also provide interesting game of lights and shadows but they create an atmosphere and affect mainly with sound and movement. To build dynamic water elements, our specialists use the options offered by the relief and if there are not any, they create more geoplastics.

What is the use of the water effects

- They create conditions for full relax. The sound of running water or contemplation of the water surface act relaxing, reduce the stress ad help the one charges with new energy.

- They highlight the beauty of the green and flower areas.

- They attract the songbirds and, in the garden or park, constant inhabitants settle and enliven it with their warbling.


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