Planting of greensward grass

The greensward grass is grown grass that is taken out and layered on the place intended for planting. This is the easiest way to obtain your green lawn immediately.

There are two types of greensward grass. The first is grown up on turf foundation placed on nylon and can be used in two months and the second one is grown up on sandy soil for a period of one year.

We work with greensward grass grown up in Bulgaria because it is fit for the climate and soil in our country. This ensures long life and good look of the grass areas.

In what cases is the greensward grass used

We recommend it for the planting of private gardens, public parks, kid sites and sports terrains.

The layering of greensward grass is one of the fastest and effective ways of reconstruction of existing grass areas.

The greensward grass – is it hard to layer on?

We have in place specialists and machines that shall quickly prepare the soil and lay on the greensward grass. We work by a specific technology, in which we push the ends of the individual pieces of grass to each other so that the grass area looks like one whole as opposed to made of separate pieces.

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Planting of greensward grass - 002
Planting of greensward grass - 003
Planting of greensward grass - 004
Planting of greensward grass - 005

If you take advantage of our services, we shall save you a lot of time and efforts but if you wish, you can do it yourself. The most important that you have to foresee is how much grass you will manage to lay on for one day and order the exact amount. If the greensward grass is not layered on by 48 hours after taking out, it becomes unfit for use.

What are the advantages of the greensward grass

- You receive your green lawn immediately. An immediate result with lower expenses.

- Layered on any time – not necessary to wait until spring or summer. It is not recommended to lay it on only in the coldest winter days.

- Layered on fast and easy.

- Allowing the applying of interesting creative solutions when forming green areas for particular events – weddings, exhibitions, fans, etc.


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