Planting grass mixtures

The grass mixtures are prepared combination of seeds of various plants. It is recommended to sow then in spring or autumn.

In what cases are the grass mixtures used

They are suitable for terrains with various functions, loading and frequency of irrigation:

- Planting of roof and basement areas;

- Planting of sports sites and golf grounds;

- Creation of decorative grass areas.

Planting grass mixtures - 001
Planting grass mixtures - 002
Planting grass mixtures - 003
Planting grass mixtures - 004
Planting grass mixtures - 005

Specifics in the selection of grass mixtures

Our specialists select the grass mixtures as per the functions that the grass area shall have, climate, soil and irrigation options.

The market offers Bulgarian as well as import grass mixtures. The problem with the imported mixtures is that not all plants whose seeds are in a certain mixture, feel good in our climate and soil. Therefore, the choice of suitable grass mixtures is of vital importance for the good final result – beautiful green area.

What are the advantages of the green mixtures

- The plants of the grass area are sound and vivid.

- The grass carpet is even and dense.


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