Maintenance of sites

The grass areas need constant cares to keep their vitality and always look fresh and beautiful. If you have small private garden, you can certainly do great yourself. When larger areas, parks and green areas of public, trade and touristic sites need to be maintained, you definitely need help from a specialist.


This is mandatory for the development of healthy and dense grass cover. We use different fertilizers depending on the season, type of grass grown up and current state.


The grass areas must be cut periodically from the beginning of April to the beginning of November. The grass length and equipment used for cutting depend on the type of grass, location in the garden and season.

When it is very hot, the green areas must not be cut low because they can easily burn out and dry.

If the terrain is terraced, the grass roots must not be touched in cutting because they shall not recover and the bare parts must be sown anew.

The quality and regular cutting of the grass areas protect them from weeds and keep their fresh look. If you wish a lovely green lawn, benefit the services of our specialists.


Method of cutting the grass on the places hard to reach by the cutting machine. If the creation of the garden utilizes greensward grass, it must be friezed. Thus, the grass area keeps its well arranged look.


Special equipment is used to remove the dry grass and ensure the penetration of air and fertilizer in the soil. This procedure is mandatory for the grass areas designed with greensward grass only. The inflow of air and fertilizer fertilize the grass and keep it young and fresh.


We recommend that the grass area pressing is done once per month after cutting. Thus, they remain even and keep their good looking.

Treatment with preparations against weeds and pests

The preventive measures against weeds and pests are the most effective way to keep the grass areas sound. For the various weeds and pests, we apply various preparations and methods of removal.

The presence of some weeds or parasites is a sign of over-irrigation or insufficiently precise care for the grass. Therefore, it is good to be advised by a specialist prior to treatment of the green areas with one preparation or another or to entrust the care for this entirely to a planting company.

Maintenance of decorative plants – trees, bushes and flowers

To look good in the whole season and enjoy longer life, the garden needs constant care. Every plant – trees, bushes, flowers – requires special care. The specificities in irrigating, fertilization, trimming and processing with preparations are various according to the type of trees – coniferous or deciduous and flowers – one-year, many-years, moisture-amicable, shadow-amicable.

The big gardens and parks definitely need maintenance by specialists who know the habits and needs of every plant. They shall easily give the desired form of the tree root, cut the green fence so as to grow in the direction they assigned, take care of the health of the bushes, the grass, plants and flowers.

Our specialists in the maintenance of decorative plants – trees, bushes, flowers – shall take care of your garden. We are offering: fertilizing; forming the plants; moulding; digging; irrigation; processing the green areas and plants with pest preparations; cleaning of dry leaves; winter conditioning of plants.

Maintaining of irrigation system - Adjustment of the programmer

The well developed irrigation system needs precise programming for optimal usage of the water resources and to prevent the over-irrigation or under-irrigation of the plants.

Therefore we are offering adjustment of the programmer of your irrigation system as per the season, climate features of the region, temperature, wind and type of soil.

Cleaning of sprinklers

To ensure that your irrigation system works effectively, it is necessary to check and clean the sprinklers periodically. This is not hard to do but it takes time – especially if your garden is with large area, which necessitates more sprinklers.

Therefore, we suggest that a specialist cleans instead of you.

Winter conditioning of the irrigation system

This is a delicate process, which determines whether you can use the irrigation system in the next season as well. We recommend that you look for help from the specialists.

The irrigation system is usually winter conditioned at the end of October. The water resource is stopped and drained or heat isolated. Then the whole system is blown with a compressor. The air pushes even the smallest amounts of remaining water t prevent the danger from freezing and cracking the pipes. The programmer is switched off and all filters are cleaned.

We shall take care of the excellent state and readiness of work of your irrigation system in the next season as well. Trust us.


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