Landscape design

A landscape design made by a specialist, is the surest way to have a garden as practical and beautiful as possible.

Landscape design

Regardless whether it is a public or a private space that needs to be planted, our landscape architects consider all terrain specificities, find solutions of the problems in advance – for instance, too many slopes and shadow places, need to cover defects in the fence or ambient buildings – and they turn the garden or park in a real color piece of heaven.

Stages of creation of the landscape design

The research is the first and most important stage of the creation of the landscape design. The specialists need to review the site, to get to know all its features and make the sizing part. The climate and the soil are also liable to mandatory research.

Landscape design

Design development. The landscape architects create the design considering all the information collected during the research as well as function of the future green areas. On that stage, we are searching for a solution of spatial problems and we select the plants that are most appropriate for the climate and location of the future garden.

Some landscape architects offer only design development and do not engage with its realization.

We are offering to create the landscape design and take the responsibility to realize it.

For what sites is a landscape design made?

- Park construction of private houses and residential buildings.

- Park construction of buildings, hotels and shops.

- Creation of green areas for production buildings and industrial terrains.

- Re-cultivation of damaged terrains.

- Designing of inter-road sections.

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What are the benefits of the landscape design

If the green and flower areas are created by a pre-created plan considering all their specifics, this ensures:

- Maximally effective utilization of the space and turning its defects into effects.

- Sound and well developing plants – selected as per the climate and soil specificities of the relevant place.

- Garden or a park entirely meeting the goals they have been ordered and created.


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