Irrigation systems

The well-planned and assembled irrigation system saves the owners of parks and gardens time, efforts and expenses and helps the fast and sound development of plants.

Designing of irrigation system

On that stage, we define the water sources, total flow rate, areas needing water. The type of irrigation is selected as per the moisture amicability of the plants and their situation in the garden.

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The sprinklers usually provide a lot of water for a shorter period. In drop irrigation, less water is supplied for a longer period.

The precise zoning is important to prevent that some areas are over-irrigates and others are dry.

The designing considers the existing buildings, pathways, support walls and other types of hindrances.

Designing of irrigation system

Designing of irrigation system

Our trained teams fulfill the design approved by the client to the last detail. They lay down and connect the pipes and electric magnetic valves and assemble the pre-selected sprinklers appropriate for the relevant garden.

Adjustment of programmer and sprinklers

The last stage of the construction of an effective irrigation system is the creation of an irrigation schedule, which is to be entered into the programmer and the precise directing of the sprinklers to prevent water loss. We always coordinate the irrigation schedule with the type of plants, season, temperature, wind, humidity, quantity of sunlight and type of soil.

Thus, you use optimally the available water resource and prevent the over-irrigation or drying of the plants.


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