Interior planting

The interior planting involves the creation of a design project, its realization and care for plants.

The well selected pot flowers and the appropriate pots complement the interior beauty, revive it and create a cheerful, charged with positive energy atmosphere in the buildings. For the planting of open areas as for the interior planting we consider the architectural nature of the premises, their exposure, quantity of natural light entering and purposes for their usage.

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Interior planting - benefits

According to the researches performed during the last years, the plants in the buildings have many more functions than being a beautiful part of the interior. Psychologists more often recommend the creation of a variety of green kiosks in the office buildings and trade sites.

The plants improve the air quality and have favorable impact on the health.

The air in close premises is often dirtier than that you breathe outside. The reason for that is the air-conditioners, gas appliances, artificial polishes and paints on furniture.

The plants purify the dirty air and along with that, any complaints such as headache, sleepiness, eye irritation and feeling of skin dryness disappear.

The green kiosks reduce the stress

Interior planting

For people who strain their eyes too much, doctors recommend to focus on a green spot every 45 minutes – tree or a flower. As a whole, the break among plants relaxes the nerves and takes the pressure away.

Plants help reducing the noise

The ambient noise in the office has long time ago stopped impressing you but that does not mean that you do not hear it. It prevents the concentration, tires you and you often complain about headache and absent-mindedness.

English scientists have proven that plants reduce the ambient noise.

The good interior planting improves your client before clients

An interesting Australian research demonstrates that the beautiful compositions of sound and fresh plants in the lobbies and office buildings gives the feeling that the company is stable and deserves to be trusted.

We shall help you to create a beautiful, healthy and work favorable environment in your building.


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