Ground works

After the creation of the land shaft design and approval by the client, the first stage of its implementation follows – the preparation of the terrain or the ground works.

These are of significant importance for the good plant development and long life of the garden.

Diggings and embankments

Ground works

It starts with the creation of the main volumes and forms in the park area. Where needed, we create geoplastics and plan the places to locate a drainage system.

Treatment with herbicides

In the cases when it is needed, we clean the soil from weeds with preparations as gentle as possible.


To provide favorable soil for plant development, in some cases we apply friezing. This means that we remove the large parts from it to increase its moisture capacity and water permeability.

Ground works

Soil fertilization

We found in preliminary researches whether the soil is exhausted, polluted, rocky. If this is so, we remove the upper layer and put a layer of hums soil to fertilize it.

Rough evening, fine smoothing and fill pressing

Ground works

With these procedures, the terrain is finally modulated, the soil is congested and the next stage can be followed in the creation of your heaven piece of garden.


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