Garden illumination

With the smart garden illumination we select, we turn every private or public garden into a real wonderland. We design and assemble illumination around alleys, alpineums, water effects or among trees, bushes and flowers. We achieve maximally effective combination of the practical and aesthetic functions of the garden illumination.

What else, except the practical, is the benefit of the garden illumination

СWith the help of various lighting fixtures, placed on the suitable places, bigger volume can be rendered to some plants to highlight certain colors to create the illusion for a bigger or smaller scale of statues or other accessories for the garden.

Garden illumination - 001
Garden illumination - 002
Garden illumination - 003
Garden illumination - 004
Garden illumination - 005

To us, the garden illumination is a part of the landscape project and is subordinate to the overall concept for space planting.


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