The designing of an alpineum is a complex and delicate task. It must look as natural as possible, the flowers must be able to live among rocks and the soil must be well drained to prevent their roots from rotting.

Designing of an alpineum

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We define the most suitable place for locating the alpineum. If there is no natural slope or upland, we create an embankment to locate it on.

We select the appropriate stones and rocks as well as short plants and flowers which can live among them.

We create specific relief and decide which plants to put on which side of the alpineum – this depends mostly on the direction of the air draughts and the positioning of the overall composition.

We provide good soil drainage to prevent flowers from rotting and along with that to take care to prevent it from being washed off by rains to enable their roots growth.

Alpineum - 001
Alpineum - 002
Alpineum - 003
Alpineum - 004
Alpineum - 005

The secret of the beautiful alpineum is in its simplicity and the symbiosis between rocks and plants. The achievement usually needs at least two or three seasons. Meanwhile special cares must be taken for your alpineum by you or our specialists.


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